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No longer called Prodecotech. Frames and even model names are the same. Adding other electric vehicles, aerocruz urban cab ?

oops. Not so fast. update as of 11/5:

Reading yelp reviews looks more like they went out of business and left a number of people high and dry, owing them batteries, service, more. Complaints include letters to the state AG,, FTC, and to BBB. Looks like more than a years worth of things going down hill, and maybe an eviction notice from landlord.

the company is now called LifeEV. (not to be confused with EVLife)

Not sure if it’s same CEO as Prodecotech, Robert Provost.

they even run the same tag line about being made in US. They really only did minor assembly of their ebikes in the past (in florida). Not too much more than a dealer would do, depending upon brand. Though attempts are being made by some US brands to bring in these bikes in pieces (frames, wheels, pedals, motors) to bypass tariffs, and then assemble here. To me, that model of business makes zero sense, given US labor costs are 5 to 15 times higher than asia, depending upon skill level.

Not a good history here. They are looking for dealers and 'partners'( hospital fleets, hotels, university campuses) just like Prodecotech tried to do. I do recall a number of bike dealers getting burned by this owner. Again if it’s the same owner, Provost.

the more I look at their new stuff the more it looks like what I’ve seen on alibaba. Yet another white label importer ??? They were advertising a lot under the old name, on Electric Bike Report, mainly their cheap direct drive kits. Given their sordid recent 2 year history, if I were them I would avoid placing 'Built by Prodecotech' on their labels on the trikes or bikes. (yelpers will tell you all about them). Apparently they are trying to use that 'legacy' to make it look like they have been around a longer time and successful. You know, have their cake and eat it too. ;)
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