Thinking of buying a GS..


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I’m really liking the idea of a GS but a few things are bothering me:

I’m not interested in riding around in the city. I don’t live near a city, I live in the countryside where the roads are somewhat less than perfect. Most of the time they’re tarmac bur sometimes they will broken tarmac and gravel. Sometimes it’s just gravel. I’ve heard people complain of punctures on the stock tyres but I’ve also read on GCs website telling people that if they deviate from the stock tyres, the warranty is forfeit. Seems a bit harsh to me and smells a bit Apple-ish in attitude. I’d like to replace the stock tyres with something a bit better but I was worried about the warranty.

I live in Wales, lots of hills locally and I was worried about the real-world battery life. My usual weekday trips are usually around 20 miles max but this is over hilly ground. I called GC and they were very vague about battery life. They said they battery should last but obviously they couldn’t guarantee it would. Is 20 miles with some (not many) hills do-able? My current bike is a Fat-tyre electric with a 10AH battery and that has problem with the area and the range at all.

Lastly, there seem to quite a few bikes available second hand and most of them have done under 100 miles and most have receipts etc but when I called GC, they pretty much scared me away from buying a used bike saying that they ‘could well be stolen’ even though I’d already run their serial numbers through their own stolen database! Apparently they need to transfer ownership to a new user before the bike will even work. Is this the case?

What are the pitfalls of buying used?

Sorry for all the questions but speaking to GC really put me off buying the bike but the bike is what I’d like!