The Lectric XP origin story: from garage startup to $20M e-bike company


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Interesting reading about a very young company... ;)

The Lectric XP fat tire electric bike from Lectric E-Bikes has developed a massive fan base with nearly 25,000 e-bikes sold.
Yet barely more than a year ago, no one had ever heard of a Lectric XP. So where did the massively popular e-bike come from? This is the Lectric XP origin story.

Founded by lifelong friends Robby Deziel and Levi Conlow, Lectric E-Bikes first began as a quest to find a more affordable e-bike for Levi’s dad. He was in the market for an electric bike and had seen plenty of fancy $3,000+ e-bikes, but wanted something much more budget-friendly for his first experiment with an e-bike.

Robby and Levi saw the opportunity in the market and decided to combine the former’s mechanical engineering background with the latter’s business and entrepreneurism education. As Levi continued:

"We sell an $899 e-bike, we can’t afford to spend much on customer acquistition. Instead, we rely on our customers sharing our story. We’ve created amazing customer advocates, and a big part of that is the good customer support that we provide. The community that we are building is incredibly special and I would say that one of the most rewarding things right now is being out in public and seeing our bikes. We have close to 25,000 bikes out in circulation and it is just so rewarding to see people out there riding our bikes and hear them spreading the word."