The "Latest" on the Como defective fork issue


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I'm sure if you read previous posts you'll get up to speed regarding the defective SRAM fork on the Como 5.0 (2022) issue.
Well, today, I wanted more answers, pushing 5+ months of no resolve.
Upon calling Rider Care, 'Nathan' warned me again that I am NEVER EVER to call them, and because I did, I "broke the promise" to never call.
(a few months ago they wanted to buy me out, but when he heard I had 3 new bikes, he changed his tune and said just never call).
I was directed to deal with my local LBS, which I have, and because of no forward movement, I called Rider Care.
Anyway, SRAM has informed me a defective design by Specialized (it is not a SRAM issue) will necessitate a large number of spare forks to be made available for a possible future issue of defects.
(I'm of the belief that the fender mount screw punctures the cylinder)????
Anyway, wanting to share my dilemma.
Now the lawyers get involved (arbitration, and who knows what.)
Well, the ball is rollin', opened a dispute today with the CC company. Provided all relevant details.
For those who have, are considering, and had any previous experience with similar types of issues, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
Quite frankly, as much as I love the brand, I despise the support. Although the LBS is good, the parent company totally sucks.
I WILL make sure that as much as I can document on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc., etc., is deployed to make any or all Specialized customers aware of my experience and I hope that those who are in the position at the helm at Specialized will open their eyes.
I as a consumer, have every right to express my dissatisfaction and experiences to those who wish to hear them. Those who don't can just pass them by.
But this is the new world we live in, and I'm only now as well as in the past expressing my disappointment with the company.
As I said, it is a great bike but has horrible customer service, and that is disgusting.
Others may be happy....good for you, I'm glad you are satisfied, just hope you don't have issues that they blow you off too.