SW 900 LCD display error codes


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Anybody know the what the error codes mean on SW900 display from 2018?
I've got code 07. Unplugging the pas pickup leaves the code at 07. I bought a new pas pickup but I lost it doing the income tax. I followed the programming instructions: https://electricbikereview.com/forums/threads/ebike-voltage-issues.46303/page-2#post-485042
to change p10 from PAS+throttle 02 to throttle only 01 . Motor still won't go & 07 won't go away. p10 0 didn't help, either.
I've got 4.2 v between red & black pins on the controller side of the PAS pickup connector.
5/6/22 Update. I decided 4.2 v on PAS connector was wimpy, especially as when 07 went away briefly the watts went to the motor ( on throttle) but motor didn't turn. As in, hall effect sensors in the motor weren't cycling I assume. Could be low PS voltage there too.
So I took the controller apart and replaced two 220 uf capacitors. One 16 v, one 25 v. The 16 v one was near a 3 pin TO92 regulator labeled "5v". I replace 25 v capacitor with a 50 v. Had to drill out the silver solder in the PCB holes, it wouldn't vacuum out hot. #76 drill and a pin vise.
Voltage on red & black of pas sensor is now 4.6 v. Still have code 07. Still waiting on a replacement PAS sensor from ebay vendor. Going to try replacing PAS sensor with a LED & a 1500 ohm resistor. red to resistor, black to LED negative, white pickup wire connected to the junction of the two.
I've bought a new controller & connectors don't match ANYTHING except the red & black power wires + blue yellow green phase wires. Labels are all in ****ese. Piece of ****. The 2017 controller could produce 25 amps and had 14 mosfets. Hotrodded in 2018 to put heatsink grease between mosfet bar and the decorative aluminum case. Upgraded in April to replace inoperative "up" button with industrial grade NormallyOpen pushbutton switch from newark. Also the other 2 switches.
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