Superdelite Rear Rack Carrier


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First Post: Just picked up a Superdelite that came with the commuter rack that's attached to the rear fender but wanted the larger carrier for the bag I currently use on my Giant Fastroad and Specialized Sequoia. Ordered the rack from Propel and it literally showed up in 2-days :)

Looking at the rear fender rack it looks like it has to be replaced with a different fender with stays similar to the front fender whereas the current commuter rack is the fender support. Kind of a pain because you would need to move the taillight and wiring but no worries except I don't have the other fender stays although I could probably make some out of aluminum rod and TIG it together with some AL eyelets. While I was contemplating that, I looked a little closer and found that I could install the carrier and it clears the lower one. Now if the bike had positive articulation in the rear suspension, it might contact the front side bars of the rack but it doesn't appear so and a quick test ride confirmed that they don't touch. We'll see in the coming months if any problems show up but for now its good. Just wanted the R&M community to know that's a possibility for the Delite & Superdelite.