Delite4 / Superdelite carrier and range query


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New Zealand
I was lucky enough to get a second-hand Supercharger, and enjoying my first ebike. 😁 Great forum btw.

However! I find the bottom bracket height is way too low and I'm getting pedal strike - a mountain bike it is not. Good range though, I'm getting 200km - flattish/rolling, 95% in Eco mode, no load.
Hence I'm looking at the Delite4 or Superdelite (both GT with GX/Fox), but I have some queries on the carrier and range.

Carrier (standard). Looking for feedback on 3 things: Strength (20kg Load), stability, durability. In the past I've done quite a bit of touring with heavy panniers, and although interesting, the Delite carrier doesn't exactly look like a great design. I mention stability because of the cantilevered non-braced design, and the fact that it is very high because of the need for rear suspension clearance. The design puts a lot of force back onto the seat tube.

Range. Not fussed about the Bosch smart system, but the Delite4 does have some nice design changes - like the front cables going directly into the frame rather than down through the top of the steerer tube.
It looks as though I'm looking for a minimum of 1000 Wh (see below.) The only way I can get that on the Delite4 is with the Powermore 250, but that is 1.6 kg through frame bottle mounts and I lose the framebag space. Any thoughts? Lots of manfacturers have add-on batteries, but that doesn't mean they are a good thing. (I notice on my Supercharger the rivnuts have loosened on the 1.1 kg Abus lock holder under the top tube, so not sure about a battery shaking around.)

Intended use: Normal local rides - 30-80 km.
Backcountry rides. Gravel roads, 4WD tracks, some single track. Have to lift over locked gates (legit access) etc. These things are bloody heavy and as I'm hitting 70, not sure I can do that by myself anymore. My 13 kg mountain bike yes, 30 kg e-bike, hmmm.
Tours. Week long travel with camping gear. Looking for range that could be 130 km with 2000 m climbing over 2-3 days with no charging.

BTW, for the same money, I could get a hugely better specced eMTB, but of course no load carrying ability.