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Andres Tonti

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I´m about to buy a ProdecoTech Storm 300, ( Is the most decent electric bike I found in my country ).
Does someone can say something for this bike ? Any serious reason not to buy it and keep looking ?
Thank you for your help !
Hey @Andres Tonti, while I haven't tested or owned the Storm 300 I have reviewed the ProdecoTech Storm 500 and thought it was a solid bike. I'm curious which country you live in and what might be different about the Storm 300 where you live vs. the official page here? In many European nations ebikes must be pedal assist only and < 250 watts but from what I see it looks like this bike uses a 300 watt front mounted hub motor and throttle.


The Storm 500 that I tried was also throttle only, had a rear hub motor with 500 watts and had the very large and heavy rear battery pack. I think that ProdecoTech is becoming a larger company with higher quality and customer support but these bikes are more entry level (and this is reflected in their basic rack design and lower price). I don't love the folding design but to be honest, it works and if that helps you save space or something it can be fine. The Storm 300 may hold up better with less power and the folding ability may not be as vulnerable in this case. That said, having a suspension fork and using a front hub motor can limit how the suspension fork performs (and has always seemed like a poor design to me because that seems like a weak part of the bike).

Some other drawbacks to this bike are small folding pedals that don't really save much room but definitely feel worse than a full sized platform pedal with more grip. I also don't love the high-step top tube because it makes the bike harder to mount and stand over if you are not very tall... The bike only comes in one frame size so this also makes it difficult for some people to mount and ride. Even though it has a rear rack, you cannot easily attach a bag or panniers so the rack is not very useful and you may still have to wear a backpack to carry stuff.

If this is one of the only ebikes you can get where you live then it will be better than nothing and again, it is one of the few folding full sized electric bicycles I've seen but it's not my favorite design. I hope this helps and I'd be happy to share other thoughts or answer questions for you :)
Hi Court

Thank you for your answer. I live in Argentina, and we have a ProdecoTech official representative here ( Moveco ), that sell exactly the same model like in the official page.
I tested the bike today and really looks and feel very solid. My only doubt now is if I should not better buy the Storm 500 ( same price , but not currently in stock, so I need to wait some time until they bring one from USA ).
They told me that the disadvantage of the 500 is less autonomy, due to the more powerful engine with the same battery, and only recommended if your weight is over 100 Kg, that is not my case.
The other drawbacks you mentioned are true, small pedals, only one frame size ( however the handlebar is adjustable in horizontal and vertical position ) and difficulty to attach a bag or panniers in the rear rack. But as I was saying there is not much options here, only some chinese kits adapted to a standard bike...
Thanks again for your help.
I tested the Storm 300 for several months. It's one of my favorite models. When I ride with my family I leave the battery off. The front motor gives a better balance to the bike, rides like a typical non-powered bicycle. The 500 watt bikes are fairly hard to pedal without battery power, kind of like a stationary bike workout. Also with the rear 500 watt motors the rider must be careful using the throttle while turning at low speed. The Phantom X2 500 watt bike feels less stable than the Storm 300 on washboard surfaces you might find off the road. I'm a dealer for Prodecotech since 2011, I've found 95% of my customers love their Prodecotech electric bikes.
Hi Daniele10
Thank you for sharing your experience with the Storm 300. I'm now convinced that it is really a very good option for me.
Putting this up on the Storm thread, as it seems the most appropriate :).. has anybody heard of Prodecotech performing any kind of "cash for comment deal as has been alledged by Tom Gin on the Storm Indiegogo stie.. or is this just more sour grapes over prodecotech protecting their trade mark?
Tom Gin
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Attention – Prodeco has been cited as paying someone to post excessive online attacks and good remarks about Prodeco on another E Bike site. It is heavily suspected they are doing the same here. This is established over several months by others who were critical of the horrible problems with Prodeco. Be wary of the entities here who are negative and critical. Also note we have CONFIRMED some here have faked IDs to trick you into thinking many are critical when it is only ONE (or 2) person(s)!

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Only the site admins would know for sure checking users IPs and other data such as post language etc. Overall I think Prodecotech is solid, American company that would be better quality then a Sonders bike. Sonders only offering a 30 day warranty--that is not really standing behind your product