So what's your other hobbies or interests?

My time killing hobby, besides biking of course, used to be crocheting, but my carpal tunnel is too bad so now I just watch TV or force myself to go outside and geocache.
I lost interest in my previous hobbies, I was hoping to find something that can be a source of passive income. Any suggestions?
It’s expensive to get into, and I only started this 18 months ago as a hobby, but I’m getting enough requests now for items I make on my wood lathe that my hobby is finally paying for itself, and then some.
Those are gorgeous! Well done!
Thanks. I’ve talked to some wood turners who have been turning for 40 or 50 years. When they look at stuff I’m making now, they just assume I’ve been turning for my whole life too. But I just started this hobby 18 months ago.
Mountain bikes - building, wrenching, experimenting, riding, etc. I use the ebike mostly for transportation - MTBs for fun and exercise. Grew up with essentially a bike park in my back yard, started riding 46 years ago, and lived through the evolution from BMX > early MTBs (still have one of the first) > ultra-modern canyon-slayers.

AV dork - mostly car audio. Also collect high-end vintage car audio. I got into it when I was 15, and have loved it all these years. Even turned it into a career.

Gamer - still have all my Playstations and a few other consoles, built probably a dozen gaming PC rigs over the years. Mostly flight-simming now on the PCs - also steadily/slowly studying for my private pilot if I can ever find enough money to fly on a regular basis.

Motorcycling (dual-sports). Taking a break from it until I move to a less-crowded spot, but miss it bigtime and am ready to dive back in.
I love the wooden salad bowl you made !

Here’s a candy dish and pens I was commissioned to make for a local college’s admissions office, from part of a log from an old large walnut tree they took down in October for an office addition.


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