Sixthreezero evry journey electric trike assembly and thoughts on the trike


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Was wanting to do a trike conversion for my 75 year old mother who is 5 foot and fell down the trike research rabbit hole lol

picked up a workman Portotrike 20 inch that i think is going to do good with an electric kit but in the meantime came across this sixthreezero e-trike at a very good price, thought it would probably be too big for my mother with the 26 inch tires and feel that it is - more on that later
the sixthreezero is a 36volt 250 watt

it was new in the box so had to assemble it

i am usually lazy and have the shops put together my bikes but was impatient to see how this thing handled etc and did it myself

was pretty impressed with the kit, paper directions were pretty good and each page has a video link you can watch if needed
it comes with an entire extra bag of back up screws, nuts, etc- anything you might need that could be missing but there were no missing parts on the trike, this extra bag is a super smart low cost addition for them to make assembly smooth

trike was well packed in the box and only one fender had a small dent in it, overall well done on the protection etc of the trike

i do not like the rear fender set up, seems cheap and was definitely the longest part of the build, there is probably a trick to bending these bars or something to keep them off the tires and get them in the right place but i finally got them off the tires and will worry about making it all look better later
either way probably my biggest gripe, needs to be a better solution that is more solid and it looks like other trikes do have better rear fenders - for the price they ask for these on the website they should upgrade that

This is advertised as more of a senior trike i think and says the pas is very smooth and controlled
has 5 level pas and throttle - throttle seems to be linked to pas level and not sure if you can change that in the display
doing a little quick research on the display looks like you have a few parameters to adjust in there on pas, did not test those out or check to see if that is true with their controller because it seems to be set to the lowest slowest setting and that is where i would leave it for my mother

if i have some extra time the next couple of weeks i will try to get into the advanced menu and give more feedback on that

this is my first experience with the V brakes? Or squeeze type brakes on the front wheel and first experience with drum brake on the rear and i dont like either one, in fact will probably try to change the Portotrike to disc brakes if it can be done pretty easily

i know nothing about trikes, their drive set ups etc
did a lot of adjusting on brakes etc because it did not seem to be tracking straight , think the drum brake was dragging, believe i have that resolved and that maybe i tightened down the rear nuts on the wheels too much, loosened those and think it seems overall better

the workman has a 3 speed sturmey archer and this sixthreezero has a regular 7 speed, i personally like the igh better but can see this might be good for people riding in hills

the workman 20 inch is used the tires are crappy and i did not ride it yet- hoping to get new tires on it tomorrow and then ride it some in the same area to compare the 2 trikes , my theory is the shorter trike is going to be more stable and more maneuverable
i have some new shwalbe 20x2.4 tires that i am hoping will fit on the workman rear wheels and give a decent ride, and should have 1 leftover 2 inch for the front wheel off the tern from upgrading it to 2.2

will update this the next week or 2 and will eventually do a small write up comparing the 20 inch workman to this 26 inch

right now this trike is for sale if anyone in Arizona is looking for one, it is just too much frame length and too tall for my mother
One thing I forgot to add on here was this bike trike does not come with wired lights front or back, and that is a big disappointment and seems really strange especially at that price point, easy to add at least some cheap lights...

other than the rear fenders and no lights I think it's a pretty cool little trike

i wrote customer service about something last night and got 2-3 replies today so they seem on the ball with that