Shadow with Pedal Assist AND Throttle

Yeah, please post pictures and review. I also think Shadow is a great choice. Here is why:
1) Price is right - you recoup your investment faster
2) Turnkey - when people buy a bike they replace the bike seat - Shadow already comes with comfortable seat, it has some suspension in the front, it has somtething on the stem, great pedals already
3) Easily serviced - especially for those who don't have an ebike dealer nearby. Usually issues will be with the motor: Shadow will send you the whole wheel with the motor for replacement (I think) .
4) Pedal&Throttle - one of the fusses about cadence sensors is peppiness from standstill or on a hill ... in those rare situations throttle aides to get you going quick
5) Power - 500 watt motor and 47v battery - it doesn't get much better than that
6) Weight - under 50 lbs is not in the heavy category of ebikes
7) Pimp It Out - Add your own fenders / racks / lights to personalize it - or keep it light
8) Service - The people at Motiv are really easy to talk to. I have a feeling/hope the Customer Service will be very reasonable

The reasons above make me still keep the Shadow on the same list as the higher priced contenders.

The motor might be a bit noisier and perhaps it's not as flashy as purpose built frame bikes but it also seems to retain it's own charm that an American Roadster has versus BMW Motorcycle
I will post pictures and do a review of the Shadow after I put it through its paces and accumulate 100, 500+ miles on it.