Serial 1 saddle

I previously swapped out the stock saddle for a Brooks Cambium C19, and put that on a Kinekt suspension seat post. After a some weeks and miles later, today I put the stock saddle back on.
What an improvement! The Brooks has a great shape, and looks cool, but is almost as hard as a rock. The Kinekt is a keeper though. The stock seat seems to have some gel or hard foam in it. My bony bum is much happier again.
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The C67 looks nice and all, but it is still a cambium...too foam or gel. Why don't you get one and let us know how you like it?
I’m thinking about it. I originally wanted to replace my Trek DS (dual sport) saddle. The LBS I bought it from said to just put some time in the saddle before I decide to replace it. I plan on doing that with this one as well because I haven’t swapped out my DS saddle and it’s been a couple of years already.
I've been riding a C19 and Cambium grips for two years and have found them to be tactile, and precise, like a fine sports car suspension. I like that control when the stakes get higher >20mph in an urban setting. The C67 might offer slightly more flex, while retaining that unweighted thigh precision for working around uneven surfaces and threading traffic. I guess it depends on the rider style, age, and environment. I might try out the C67 and their newer Cambium ergo grips as they look like they offer an improved upright seated design without being too mushy, like so many others.
hard to get ahold of Ergons (along with most other things) right now lol. I'm still riding stock grips and seat. I find the more time I spend in the saddle, the tougher my rump gets and deals with it. Unless I'm riding more than 3 + hours, i'm usually fine.