Securing the RadMini?


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The Rad Mini fits wonderfully in tight spaces:

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But I'd like to lock it outside for a little while without having to watch it constantly. I'm currently using a light-duty cable lock, but it's only a deterrent to the laziest of thieves. It seems to me the lightest way to secure the Rad Mini is to fold it, thread a cable lock through the wheels and through the frame under the seat, then use another cable lock from the frame to a pole. I would, of course take the battery with me. I've had a bike stolen in the past that was cable locked. As I look at both cable locks on Amazon, many have been defeated. The hardcore U-locks are heavy and costly. I live in a high-crime city, which is why I bought this bike. Anyone have suggestions?
As you already know, if they want it, they got it. I am trying to figure out the same answer, but without fail, it seems like every lock on Amazon has a pic of a defeated lock in the review section.
I think the best you can do is slow someone down or even make them move to a easier target. Cable locks seem to be the bottom on the list for bike security and the name brand U-bolts all seem to have youtube videos on how to defeat them. What always seems to slow down or even stop thieves was +14mm security chain. They are too thick for most bolt cutters and hand grinders are loud and take time to cut. Unfortunately, chains are heavy and you need an equally heavy lock on the chain.

I went for a multi-layer security approach with:
- Boomerang GPS cellular tracker, $200+$50 for 1yr of Verizon coverage. Use smart-phone to arm/unarm and track bike, it has 110db alarm if bike is moved. You get immediate email notification if your bike is moved.
- Xena 18mm U-bar XSU-310, $95-$100, Amazon, this lock is cheaper than the name brands with the same thickness and used to secure construction equipment. you have to cut it twice if you need to remove the lock because the U-bar doesn't swing with one cut.
- Xena 14mm XC-14 5 foot chain $85-$95, Amazon, use this to secure the U-bar and chain together

I have two Radrovers and sometimes use this to secure both bikes together if the wife and I are out together. I do have a lighter security cable+lock because it is very light and easier to use. I use the cable when we need to make a quick stop and the bike is usually in my line of sight (still have the Boomerang also). I use the heavy duty stuff mostly when the bikes are on the vehicle rack or street bike rack unattended for a while.

If you do decide to go with a smaller chain or cable; keep the security chain/cable off the ground. Thieves that use bolt cutters use the ground and jump on the other end as leverage to snap the chain/cable. Crackheads are not strong enough just to snap a chain/cable with just muscle strength if they can't use the ground and full weight.
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I have the luxury of living in a low crime area, so I went with the easy route and use a short stout cable lock like you mention to hold the folded bikes' wheels together and a second light cable lock to hold the bike next to the bike rack (and secure the helmet). I don't bother with taking the battery with me, I just take the key. It's just deterrence, not prevention. Plus I don't expect to be away from the bike for more than a half hour or so while I get a bag of groceries.

You might consider "where" and "when" you park it and look for security cameras to help deter and try not to establish a pattern of leaving it in the same spot. I don't think I'd leave my bike at all if I lived in a high crime city, I know, diminishes its' usefulness but...alternatively, you could get ebike insurance specifically against theft. My home owners covers mine, but I have a thousand deductible AND any bike claims count just as if it were a claim on the the coverage rate goes up. If my bike were stolen, I'd probably not even file a claim.

Speaking of which, anyone have a good insurance company for ebikes that they want to suggest? Rates are only a hundred a year or so that I've looked into.
I'm covered automatically with my USAA homeowner's insurance at $500 per incident home or away. I'm not covered for any maintenance issues, still have 7 months left on 1 yr warranty. I also signed up with my local police department bike registration web-based database and online bike registry sites like:
National Bike Registry:
Bike Index:
Bike registry:

I travel in the southwest with my ebikes and I don't know what system local law enforcement would monitor for stolen bikes? I just signed up for everything and figure I would have at-least one hit if my bike(s) was stolen and recovered.
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USAA used to be a good insurer, but after 35 years with them, they finally irritated me enough that I left them (I asked about whether or not something was covered and they counted it as a claim!!). Any bike claims WILL count toward a homeowners claim and will increase your costs...just wanted to make sure you knew that.
I've been with USAA for 31 years and haven't had a bad experience with them yet. I just like having the option of using USAA for a claim and I don't have to do anything extra since I'm automatically covered. I know there are bike insurance companies out there because I see road and MTB in the +$10,000 range out there. No way someone is self insuring a bike that expensive. I would be interested in an ebike maint+insurance coverage once my 1 year warranty runs out in Aug/2017. I haven't found it yet or it just doesn't exist?
Like I said, USAA used to be good. They just don't meet my needs anymore since they got BIG and stopped being customer friendly. I still use them to manage my self directed IRAs but stopped banking and insuring with them.

Just got a quote (this thread prompted me to get off my butt) from markel specialty insurance...insuring my radmini for $100 annually, with $100 deductible).
My renters insurance covers my bike on or off my property. $250 deductible. I'm not too worried about theft ;) - that's an added bit of security.

For chain locks I use a heavy duty box chain that fits nicely on my bike out of the way and a fat tire u-lock.
Hey, thanks for the great answers! I'll look at chains, GPS, the NBR, and insurance. I too watched YouTube videos where thieves cut even top end U locks with battery powered angle grinders in less than 5 minutes. Theft has gone high-tech too! Judging by the amount of stares and questions I get with this bike, I can tell I don't to leave it alone for long. My goal is to just delay a thief long enough to run in and out of a store.
Well right now iam considering buying a radcity bike. I will use my Abus granit 37/55 padlock with Pewag 3/8 chain. Pewag security chain is Rockwell hardness 62. Toughest chain that can not be cut by 4 foot bolt cutters. Every thing else mentioned can be easily cut by bolt cutters. Cable can be cut in 1 second with small cable cutters that fit into your back pocket, so totally worthless against a real thief. Watch the video of them trying to cut this chain. Don't forget the padlock can not be a cheap master lock or even the lower Abus locks. Ulocks can be cut by bolt cutter check out youtube if you don't believe me. Bolt cutters are most common tool for thieves. BUT even a Pewag chain can be cut by electric cutter tool but it makes a ton of noise and sparks every were, also keep in mind with a cutter tool they always show the chain clamped into a vise, now try it with loose chain. . If you want the best make this setup on your own. I had my motor cycle stolen (no insurance) when I was young and have ever sense been crazy about be ripped off ever again. Oh that seat lock is cute but about 10 seconds and bolt cutters will defeat it, Abus sells a lock like that BUT not part of seat and on youtube watch it get cut by bolt cutters.
With respect to the RadMini, I have come to the conclusion that it is many things, but secure against theft is not one of them. I bought the Abus Bordo X Plus 6500, which is like the SeatyLock without the seat. The 6000 has many cut videos, but not the 6500, so far.

I have not seen videos of a the SeatyLock being cut by bolt cutters, but it has some big flaws. It's not long enough to secure the RadMini to anything, the seat wiggles, and it's heavy and fiddly. The worst thing about the SeatyLock is, if you elect not to use it, it is easily stolen. Nice concept, but doesn't work for a folding bike.

The hinge point allen bolt is easily removed, so both parts of the frame need to be secured to keep someone from stealing half the bike. The twin top tubes are so close together that locks like the FoldyLock, Abus Bordo, and the SeatyLock barely fit between them. I would not recommend any of them for the RadMini. The Bordo 6500 just barely secures the wheels together when folded. I like the Pewag chain to secure both parts of the frame to a fixed object, and the Bordo mounted on the inside of the wheels. A thief can still steal the seat and the LCD, so can ruin your day. Dc9mm post some pics, please, when you can. Thanks.

bike_full.jpg bike_full_2.jpg Abus_6500.jpg
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