Scrap-it Alberta

Scrap your car to get $300 Canadian? 🤯

Unless the car is complete junk, who would do that?
It needs to be something like $2000 to $3000 Canadian credit towards an ebike.

Because ebike needs to work as a car replacement..
I couldn't agree more but at least it's a step in the right direction. Alberta is/was the oil capital of the country where full-size p/u trucks still reign supreme. For decades, past governments have been subsidizing the major oil companies in the form of tax breaks all in order to keep the economy humming along. Unfortunately, no capital was invested in renewable resources which would allow Albertans to be less reliant on oil. Our neighboring province, British Columbia, is likely one of the greenest in Canada offers rebates to the tune of $1k Cdn towards the purchase of an e-bike and $6K for an EV.

Public transportation here pales in comparison to many other major Cdn cities but I think density and geography has a lot to do with that.
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In what way is British Columbia the greenest in Canada? Give me some examples.
B.C. doesn't charge their provincial tax (PST) on bicycles, but they do charge the tax on ebikes. 🤬
In many respects, you're probably right. I guess that misnomer has been planted in many a Canadian's mind (self included). Part of the BC gov't agenda to sell the eco-friendly, green image to many unsuspecting visitors/newcomers as a way to drum up tourism dollars.I spent many years traveling back and forth from Alberta to Victoria and was shocked to discover back then that the CRD never treated its wastewater and that Metro Van also was discharging sewage runoff into its waterways. How many years did it take the CRD to finally get things right?
Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, still dumps its sewage into the ocean. I wish the province had put some of the carbon tax money they've been collecting for many years into a new sewage treatment plant for Victoria.
Yes, but isn't tertiary treatment supposed to come online by the end of the year with a new treatment facility? At least Victorians are leap years ahead of Vancouverites.

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