Running an E-bikekit on 52 volts


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Heres a brain challenge for you E-BikeKit experts. First off let me say I love my E-BikeKit conversions on my KMX tadpole trikes. My problem stems from the fact that I mounted two UPP 52 volt, 13.5 AH battery's on one of them for a little more get up and go. They are not connected in any way and my problem is that on one battery it runs fine but on the other battery the motor will not run at all. The LCD display lights up fine- just nothing to the motor. Battery voltage is 58.2 on the one it runs on and 59.8 on the one it doesn't. My guess is that the controller has a high voltage cut off which is why it won't power the motor. Any ideas on turning down my battery charger a volt or two so it stays below cut off range?
52v batteries maximum state of charge should only be 58.8. That said it is possible that your 48v controller will run @ 58.2 but won’t at 58.8v.

I saw a thread awhile ago on a forum about this but can’t recall all the details.
Some chargers do have a potentiometer onboard for adjusting the output voltage, but many do not. The inexpensive chargers shipped with many UPP batteries probably won't have them. I've looked in mine. None.

The maximum safe voltage of a nominal 52V 14S battery is 58.8 V. If measured with an accurate meter, you might need to worry about that 59.8, but if that was off your LCD, it's probably just a inaccurate LCD.

It's said that you can connect your battery to a toaster or old style light bulb to run it down a volt or two. Never tried it myself, but it should work. Then you can easily verify the HVC hypothesis.