Riese And Muller Nevo 2020 ( Electrical questions )

This has to do with Bosch dual battery system.
You are not going to be using Bosch dual battery system as you don't have it, so it may not matter.
But it may be an indication that you could run into problems when trying to do what you want.
yes because he cant program the motor for it. last tiem I bought the y for two batteries my trek dealer had to call their supplier to even get it authorized to ship.
yes because he cant program the motor for it. last tiem I bought the y for two batteries my trek dealer had to call their supplier to even get it authorized to ship.
I am not 100% clear on the scenarios that would really prevent a dual battery to work with the system as is.
In theory, with a battery combiner that outputs the same voltage, the system should have no way to differentiate the amp hour of the new combined battery, and should be able to run from it as is.

Hopefully the firmware update needed in you case has to do with leveraging the dual battery system to do more than what it can do with the single one.
Like manage which battery drains first, or pulling more amps, or adjust the battery level indicator.
In that case it could still work without the firmware, and just use the bigger combined battery the same way as it used the smaller one.

BUT I agree that knowing Bosch closed system mentality, I would not be surprised if they had a way to detect a bigger capacity battery and block the system...

Now, Worst case scenario, if the second battery is the same as the first, he could always just carry the second battery with him on the bike, and just swap them when the first one dies, or create a connector allowing him to disconnect the drained battery and reconnect the fresh one. That should not interfere with the Bosch SW...
duel bosch batteries keep a even level if one battery starts at 100% and the other is 50% th system will use the 100% battery till they matched then it switches back and forth to keep them within 5% the motor needs that setup it may not come that way from the factory if it does not then you need a bosch rep to authorize it. so just switching the two batteries is the way to go.
Only the top charger is compatible with your bike. It charges at a rate of 6A. The lower charger is a 4A charger compatible (different plug) with Bosch's recently introduced 'Smart System,' which did not exist at the time of your bike's manufacture.

The dealer software is quite limited; I would not make much effort to obtain it.

For the 2020 Nevo, I believe the supported second battery options were 500W PowerPack on the frame or the 500W rack battery. The hardware/cables are available online, but I believe you would need to flash the firmware, which only R&M can do (over the internet). Although you don't have dealer support in Belarus, I'm not sure they would approve the modification in any circumstance. All you can do is ask!
This one for me too , right ?


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It depends how you implement the second battery.
If you mount the second battery but only connect one battery at a time, by disconnecting the used battery when empty and connecting the fresh one, and if the second battery is the same as the first one and a Bosch battery, there should be nothing needed.
If you use a battery combiner that allows you to connect both battery at the same time but keep the same voltage for the combined battery, it should not matter for the controller.

Worst normally the battery charge capacity indicator may not be accurate.

But you never know if Bosch has implemented something that would detect the non Bosch battery and cause problem.
And as far as I know, there is no way to touch the Bosch programing except with dealer tools
Guys said diagnostic tool does not see issues , but i still do not understand how bosch computer will calculate the distance


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Sounds good.
I can't be sure how bosh calculates the remaining distance, but without reprogramming the battery characteristics, it will most likely be wrong, as it will extrapolate the voltage it reads based on the assumption of the single original one.

That said even if the Bosch computer reports a wrong number, it will probably be in the same ratio as the new battery combo versus the single original one (like one to two), so easy to extrapolate.