Rear Rotor Bolt Size


Regular M5x10mm bolts are too long for the rear hub/motor assembly, the spindle stops spinning way before the bolt bottoms out.

I had my wheel replaced by Specialized (bad torque sensor) and after stripping a bolt on the original wheel when swapping them out I left the rotor and the bolts on the original wheel and left dropped it at the shop so they can send it to Specialized.

Than I proceed to install a brand new ice-tech with m5x10mm bolts and bam - something feels odd. I look at the hub and it clearly says - only use m5x7 bolts ... well sucks to be me.

Was anybody able to source those bolts online independently or is Specialized the only route ?
The shop is ordering the proper bolts from specialized, in the meantime I ended up using 2 x 1mm washers on standard M5x10mm bolts, plenty of clearance at the caliper mount ... BAM!