ProdecoTech Pedal Assist, Torque Sensor

Hi all, I just wanted to add to this thread. I own a SS OUTLAW 28MPH version.
Recently, I was at a bike shop and they had a demo Specialized Turbo to ride. It was a blast mainly due to no fiddling with throttle and it made me feel like my peddling strength had increased by leaps and bounds.
Since then I had to have that feeling on my bike so I bought a BEAMts and installed it myself. Fairly easy to install. Then there was fine tuning it to my taste. I ended up with the least aggressive setting--the opposite from lilrich settings. This adjustment allows you to get a decent workout because you have to give it decent peddling power to activate the BEAMts. But, you still have the throttle if you get tired.
It isn't quite as smooth as the Turbo but works pretty darn well and does not cost $6000. I am satisfied and highly recommend this upgrade. I would love to electronically dial it in to my personal taste but the default setting is good. I wish it would cut off a little sooner thats all. Kinda scary that extra second of power after you stop peddling until you get used to it.
Anyhow, the bike is 300% more fun to ride and even if my left thumb gets numb no problem. I paid $149 including fast shipping.
Two thumbs up!!

Could you provide some links to what your talking about? Thanks
Do you find the TS jerky or a constant level of assist? I put one on a bike and it seemed somewhat unpredictable in terms of operation. With no level of assistance selection, seems like it's all or nothing in terms of assistance.
Mine is set up to give max output right away. I like that, but others might not. The sensor can be mounted a few different ways to dial in the right feel. The only draw back is there are no levels of assist. It's a set it and forget it type of a thing.
I have noticed a slight annoying problem with my Beam TS Torque sensor. The wheel on the sensor that the chain runs over makes a loud squeak sound when I pedal. This doesn't affect performance, and the sensor still works great. Does anybody have an idea of how to get rid of this? Maybe a liberal amount of silicone spray where the wheels spins?
Justin, are you still liking the Beamts pedal assist. I noticed some places have stopped carrying them and I'm wondering if this is because there's little demand or because of other problems cropping up. Or something else entirely, I suppose.