Prodeco joins hands with Panasonic

The Scorpion (top pic) is a hand-built in the USA frame and it'll be interesting to see where this bike is priced. There are already two Scorpion models available for $2999.00 and $3999.00, both with PAS and weighing less than 40 pounds. Court's review.

Very interesting moves by ProdecoTech! Most think of Prodeco as only rear battery and throttle only bikes, but they've had the Titanio (Court's review) and Scorpion models for some time now and revamped many other models to include downtube incorporated batteries. This underdog American ebike company is starting to make waves!

Interbike should be BIG for many makers....
There's still a lot to come from Panasonic. They have a new "revolutinary" twin speed mid-drive system seen on the Flyer U-Series at Eurobike.

I'm actually waiting on that bike to see what it brings. Otherwise it might be a Bosch or Yamaha based bike for me as weight is critical.

It's one of the most innovative bikes I have seen so far.
Key figures:
4Ah cells
Sophisticated display console
Supernova M99 headlights
Magura MT5 brakes
Auto transmission
Excellent thumb controls
Panasonic motor (nuff said)....

It's great on books and as you said, if it performs just as well, it's a no-brainer.