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Tale of woe. My Arie E has been out of commission since Feb. I bought it from shop in England who were terrible with the initial issue with the softwear so i took it to a local Orbea shop who is a qualified Mech on the system. He eventually found that the battery was coroded and contacted Mahle the maker.
After a lot of waiting a new one was sent. Its almost July now and its still not working. I contacted Bianchi who said they could not help as a warrenty claim had already been opened with Mahle. It appears that it needs to be paired with the bike. This is a job thats done by a shop selling one prior to customer delivery. Despite contacting three dealers none of them are prepared to help despite my telling them to contact the Bianchi rep in uk who is awair of the issue.
The ironic thing is that when i first had the bike i mentioned to Bianchi that i didnt think the seal at the bottom of the down tube was sufficient to stop water ingress only to be assured that the system was bombproof.


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