Preditor by Reef Bikes?

Hi Richard! Good question, this is a new electric bike to me, never seen or ridden it. I do however, know of another electric bike that looks very similar called the Volton Alation. I actually owned this bike and have ridden some of the newer models that have an improved battery pack cover design.

I like how the weight of the battery is built into the downtube keeping it low and centered on the bike. The 500 watt motor is very powerful and the bike offers both twist throttle and pedal assist! Though it uses a pedelec sensor vs. a torque sensor (meaning it doesn't respond as quickly or dynamically as you push faster/harder it's just like an on/off switch with different power settings).

For the price, the Volton Alation is one of my favorite hardtail mountain style electric bikes and I imagine the Predator would be very similar (they are probably made by the same manufacturer in China or Taiwan and just distributed under different brands to different regions in the world. It looks like REEF Bikes are from Australia.

A few things that set it apart from the Alation are the dual-high beam spotlight front headlight that is encased in metal (I saw something like this on the Stealth bikes I reviewed recently (shown in the video reviews). The Predator also has a double crown suspension fork that offers long travel performance but probably weighs a lot more. This might not be a bad thing considering the weight of the hub motor in the wheel, the heavier fork might just balance it out.

Overall thoughts on this ebike are that it's medium quality with a more basic battery pack design. It's powerful, medium weight and the frame size is small/medium. The higher end 500 watt motor and 48 volt pack offer a TON of power and with the 26" wheels you get increased torque. Make sure to ride safe with this one and keep the rear wheel bolted on tight because if it comes loose the motor will spin in the rear drop outs and that will rip the wire out of the motor effectively destroying it. Let me know if you have any more questions! Maybe someone else here has actually ridden this bike?

Thanks good info there. You make it sound a bit scary Just one question which would in my opinion hard to answer. I am looking for a good bike that will be able to commute the rough streets of Thailand and also handle some offroad play. Which still looks a bit stealthy could you recommend something.
Hi Richard, maybe you could explain which part is scary for you. The power of these bikes or choosing a brand that will ship to Thailand? I saw your other post asking about shipping. I think you could actually get a great bike from the Hallo Motor website and they have the 350 Mosso that has a front suspension and fenders which would handle the bumpy roads well and offer good power. It may be more flashy than you would like if you don't want bright colors... They do offer an even more powerful electric bike that comes in white or black (more plain design) with full suspension for rough riding called the Super X8 and it looks like the battery is mounted low and center which is good for riding.

Honestly, it is hard for me to make recommendations for you because I have no idea which companies will ship electric bikes to Thailand or how much that will cost. It is often very expensive to mail products with Lithium batteries because they can be unstable if damaged. Many companies in the USA charge lots of money for this kind of shipping even within the country because they have to use cars or trucks instead of planes (for safety reasons).

As you can see on the website, there are so many cool electric bikes and I have even made a list of the top 10 that offer great performance and unique qualities. I hope this advice helps you and I'm excited for you, whichever ebike you choose. Please stay in touch and post about what it is like if you do order from Hallo Motor and also how the bike turns out, you could even post pictures or do a mini-review to help others who may live in Thailand or in other countries :)