Polaris Appex (Evantage) battery issue


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Hello. I got my first Ebike Polaris Appex. This model probably about 2015. With Evantage 750W motor. Typical problem with those models is controller in the battery fried. Company by itself out of the business while ago and now I can't find any ways to fix it or replace it. Spent days in the Google, sent multiple emails with questions and for those who respond me said about the same - parts not available. I tired to figure it out with other controller but looks like Polaris used some own technology (DuoDrive motor) for their system and only two wires connecting from the battery to motor it self. I found info about it and looks like they using controller inside in the motor.
My main question if any body here has some info about this bike or some advice. Otherwise I have to get completely separate motor with controller to make it work.
Thank you in advance and sorry if something wrong in the my first post here.
I am in the same predicament, I believe (I haven't opened the battery casing yet to confirm if the controller or BMS is fried or not, but one day it just stopped charging).
I've been in contact with PIM Bicycles since spring of 2019, after they had just sold out of their OEM battery stock, as they were hopeful to eventually get more. Nothing's come of it, though.

I love this bike to death, even if it is a bit top heavy. I'd love to hear if anyone has already figured out the operating voltages and pinout of the connectors and such, to see if any controllers would be compatible.
I have the same question as the OP, as I'm looking into controller and battery pack options that are compatible with it, or at least some of its features (I could definitely go without some features, such as regenerative braking).
you guys have any luck with locating a new controller or at least a conversion? i have a polaris appex with a fried controller as well. been striking out when it comes to finding a replacement or company to rebuild it.