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a pointless, futile thread, that nobody commented on positively - moderators please delete.
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I’m liking Daly BMS.
Google, Dongguan Daly BMS
I’m not certain they have your requested options but worth a look.
Have you even fitted one of these yourself Tom? if so, how long have you had it fitted, how many hours has it been successfully working on a battery? Anything information other than this would mean your recommendation is.. well it will fit in well on this newly titled thread until a moderator deletes it, hopefully soon. 🙏
Results threads? What do you think, I post every repair or part I've used over 7 years of BBSxx motor support? Seriuosly?

My first repair was in late 2015. I've just retired 4 batteries I'd repaired. And bought 3 new. A UPP custom build to my specifications, EM3ev and (Jenny Mao)

Looking back, I think I've used 3 or 4 Daly BMS.

I gave up repairing and rebuilding batteries due to a pacemaker being a problem with spot-welding. That and the costs, risks, and downsides of home shop build just aren't worth the small scale financial savings.

I have Hailong cases and welding supplies being sold off as I end that multi-year adventure.

Endless_sphere might be a better forum for you.

Poking around blind to potential problems can be a real disaster. I encourage most here to just send their battery off for repair or recycle and buy new from a reliable builder.
SeriOUsly, I was thinking that you might so as members might be more likely to take your advice rather than short quip-type replies that don't help in the slightest - "you get what you pay for" is totally meaningless bunkum. I've paid a small fortune for items in the past that have turned out to be totally unreliable in the long run and have conversely bought items so cheap you wonder what the catch is, only to discover that there isn't one.
I really have a problem with God-like lecturers who discourage people to try and repair things themselves, "we" all have to learn somehow and today's "theory" is yesterday's Trial and Error experimentation.
I'd help anyone along but for the most part, the average poster here should stay out of poking around a battery pack. I care less whether you take any advice. The short answer when it comes to replacement BMS is YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Again, endless_sphere is a better place for you to garner assistance.

Lots of battery builders there.

BUT, I've learned when it comes to BMS the cheap seats have few features and lack basic protection. YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.
you're entitled to your opinion of course, and I mine - i.e. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR is a nonsense statement. I will make a point of coming back here after covering some miles over the next year, and we will see if it was good value, but until that time, then I and particularly you - (you don't even know what I bought ffs) will have no idea dear Tom.