Pics Brooks B67 Saddle with light, Brooks Grips, Venzo Mirror and possible fork


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EMJ Cafe Complete.JPG
That must be Eddie's bike in the last pic? He said he had a B67 and challenge bag... curious, no chain guard installed! Love that added protection for my pants!
Agree with you on the chainguard. For me, it is a must have, and it looks pretty cool. Same with fenders.
Ha! I didn't even see that the fenders were absent in that last photo... ;)
Yes, love my fenders too -- though I am planning to add on a "flap" on the front fender sometime, to further minimize splatter/spray-up...
I love they inter grated the lights to the brooks saddle. I’m wondering if a thud buster could be added with the same saddle and lights?
I sorta think not… I looked into that with my bike (same as in the photos)… The wiring for the tail light runs up through the interior of the seat post and emerges through an opening in the top. When I examined various suspension seat posts, none of them had an opening for wires. However, I think another thread here talks about one suspension seat post maker, being able and willing to cut a small hole into their seat post shaft to let wires emerge…
@christob you’re right. Eddie got back to me and suggested the suspension fork. I prefer a post, so I will look for the post you suggested regarding cutting a small hole after my purchase. I should at least ride it without one for awhile, I may not really feel a need for one although many here seem to swear by a suspension seat post over a fork. One awesome aspect of the Cafe is that it’s chromoly steel vs alloy so it feels more solid.
@Merc I chatted with him about the suspension fork that is going to be available soon--gulp--at about $800! Certainly it makes you think a suspension seat post would be the easier route (on the wallet) to try out first! ;)
I've gone so long now without my original integrated rear LED light, I am used to not having it. (I removed the stock saddle early on; too narrow and firm for me... losing the integrated light in the process. Have since tried out 3 other saddles, none of which had a way for me to fit that original LED light & custom saddle bracket.) I simply use a Bontrager strapped-on seat post red rechargeable light now.
(Though yeah, I do like that all-integrated look and feel, if I ever talk myself back into the stock saddle ;)