Pedego's first Folding Electric Bike, the Latch, Reviewed


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Hey guys, I just finished reviewing the Latch which is Pedego's first folding electric bike. I was impressed with their attention to detail but the price and weight are both a bit higher. What struck me was the "full" feel and adjustability to different body sizes. I like that the rear rack is actually useful for hauling and that the same design works for both battery sizes. Here's the review and the video just below:

One of the employees, my friend Cassidy, who used to help run Practical Cycles up in Northern California was there to help out and we took this photo. Good times all around. Hope everyone here is well :)

Like the open framework styling that integrates the rear rack with the rest of the bike; hopefully some standard packs or rack bags will fit on them. Nice weight distribution with motor in the front wheel and battery in the rear rack. Sleek styling! and Gates belt drive. Of course, I'm rather attached to the lime green color too :)

...So are they financing a Tesla to go with the ebike???
I am an experienced commuter and have done many miles with many different folding bikes. I am still waiting for someone to design a bike that folds like a scooter... long but narrow. All these folding bikes fold too wide and it is very difficult to bring inside a bus (especially coach style buses).

Nice bike overall but pricey. Also chainring looks too small. A 60T chainring should be standard on all bikes with 20 inch wheels.
Nice looking bike! The downside to me is the rear rack has a weight capacity 25lbs and not really designed with the option of having a child seat back there.
Love your reviews. Newbie needs a pair of folding ebikes for motorhome to avoid towing a car. Like to ride a few miles to scout potential campsites prior to driving in the motorhome. Want to ride to town for groceries or coffee without moving the motorhome. Like to ride and exercise but not looking to climb or ride anything too rough. I'm having trouble determining the essential components. I looked at all your TOP rated videos and read reviews. I like the Pedego LATCH but not sure why. Pros are the belt drive, quality, dealers, LCD display but I'm confused. There are many things that bother you about this bike but you seem to accept them. Is 250 W OK w 20" wheels? Is front wheel drive OK? Is aluminum frame with no suspension of any kind OK? (can retrofit something on the seat post?) Is 3 gears enough? Is 6 magnet cadence sensor enough? You seem to appreciate these areas when they are upgraded on other bikes but find them acceptable on the LATCH. AND its $pricey.
They still have no bag. I did find a Samsonite roof bag at Costco today for $32. (38"X38"X18") Waterproof, rugged and almost perfect size. No carrying straps but ok to cover it inside the motorhome.

I too love all the LATCH's Latches. They look solid. I have an aluminum road bike w carbon fiber seat stay, rear stay, fork and its still a bit chattery Hate to spend $3K on the LATCH and vibrate to death. I'd appreciate some guidance to help w the decision. Moving from Alaska June 17 to pick up the motorhome in Iowa. Then a year long adventure planned around US and Canada.


There's a lot to like with the LATCH, @Wyamngroup but for the $$ the motor size and gearing is really minimalist. Without a doubt, it is a very attractive bike and for your purposes might be just right. Remember that regular saddlebags don't work with the oversized tubing on the rear rack, so your limited on choices for accessories that will work with this bike. The disc brakes are a nice upgrade compared to many folding bikes. You've hit all of the high spots for this ebike; however, you'll have an easier time finding a cushier saddle with springs, etc. than replacing that long 580mm seat post. Take a little time and Test Ride other folding bikes. Prodeco Tech has introduced their newest version of the folding Mariner with a 500 watt hub motor and a new rear rack 36V Samsung battery pack that utilizes regular tubing on the rack for under $2K and their are other brands that are equally well built.

Wish I could be touring with you this summer; sounds like a grand adventure!
Here is a new review from Electrek...

Mechanically, the Latch has one great feature and a series good choices. The brakes are good; Avid BB7 mountain bike calipers are decent for the application. Typical for any folding bike, the handlebars feel like you’re steering from the back seat. The Latch includes a 3-speed Shimano Nexus, a nice system that is easy to keep clean and easier to maintain. One of the best features on the bike is the Gates Carbon Belt Drive that replaces the chain. Continuing with the clean, low-maintenance effect, the belt drive also makes the bike feel really smooth on pedaling. The belt drive really feels nice, and the ease of use and lack of exposed components helps keep the bike in working order when folded and tossed into a trunk, RV, or boat. The drive is certainly a headline feature of the Pedego Latch, but does that warrant the base MSRP of $2,795?

No, not the throttle (though that is really nice). The Pedego Latch also has a great feature outside of itself: the dealer network. If you plan on traveling with a folding bike, then this dealer and service network may be a compelling feature. Across the USA, Pedego has branded stores in most major cities that can facilitate warranty or service needs, sometimes on the spot. Packing up a couple of folding bikes in the RV and having the safety net of a Pedego store within arms reach is a very unique benefit among the industry.