Pedego Element Platinum


Does anyone have the Element Platinum yet? I was looking forward to the addition of the torque sensor, the front shock and other upgrades but I think my expectations were too high.

If you watch the promo video of the two kids riding it on a trail the guy gets about 4” of air in one sot and he comes down with a bit of a crash. So it has some improvements, but like I said I think my expectations were a bit too high and I should have realized that it simply is not and never will be very suitable for trail riding.

Might be great around town but for trail riding the the wheelbase is too short, the circumference of the 20” tires is too small even with 4” fats, the front shock is just a spring, and it just weighs too much at 65lbs. These are obvious challenges but I was hoping it would be a bit more capable as the frame dimensions work well for my wife.

The Elevate seems like the a trail worthy model but that’s just way too big for her and the price is not very competitive with other options out there.

Any thoughts from anyone with the Element Platinum for relatively mild trail use?
Never tried the Element but my 5' 2" wife uses her 26" Platinum Interceptor step thru on trails with no problem. There is also a 24" version available for smaller riders. We added slightly larger 2.75" tires with a more aggressive tread to improve trail performance. Not a fatty but the next best thing.
Just got delivery of my Platnum. Only rode 14 miles and this is my first entry into an electric bike. My first impressions are very positive. I thought it might be too small for me at first (5 ft. 10 inches & 200 pounds) but it is very capable of handling my frame. Awesome acceleration and liked the straight body position. Still learning all the drive options, but my first 14 miles were on sand and it handled extremely well. So far, happy.....although it ain't cheap.