Pedego 2015 for Sale

Paul Cavasino

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My Pedego 2015 Mini Interceptor (24” Seafoam Green) is Reduced for Sale !! I Just Replaced The Brand NEW-48V 15 amp Battery, (Long Range) on 7-1-22 !! It Needs a New Hub Motor & I Was Given a Dealer Fix cost of $425. The Bike Still rides Just fine, the Motor just makes intermittent Noise. So, If Your Willing to Recieve a Nice Discount on this Amazing Pedego Bike, Then it’s Fair for Asking a Price of $1,500. NEW PRICE is $3,295 (+TAX),…We live in S.E. Connecticut & Will Meet a Potential Buyer 1/2 way to Meet us in a Public Parking area so you Can test ride it !! The Accessories shown in the Photo ARE INCLUDED ALSO !! (a $90. Value) Contact me @ ([email protected])
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This is The Interceptor for sale !


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More Pics of this Beautifully Maintained PEDEGO Mini Interceptor 24”. Pedego = #1 Customer Service !!!


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