Pedal assist bikes for children (too small for adult-sized bikes) with disabilities

Hi after my long absence! I'd be very interested to know what small folding e-bikes you might recommend I look into. I've checked the specs of many, including the Blix Vika+. Although it looks like it would work, the minimum seat tube length is almost certainly too long for me (perhaps 3/4" shorter than the Tern Vektron I have now) and no possibility of a dropper seat post. I'm working with a terrific guy at our local Wheel & Sprocket bike shop; he has hooked up with Bike Friday and it looks like tomorrow we'll order a Bike Friday Ever-E-Day electric bike for me to try. If it's not right for me, I may see about a custom Bike Friday Bantam with electric assist, although that would not have the mid-drive motor I'd prefer. I'll let you know how it goes! And yes, the modular LiGo batteries that are airplane-legal are of interest because, of course, I can't fly somewhere and then just rent a bike that fits me.