Outland Royal Controller?

Timpo... thanks for that. I had heard that IGO uses ASI controllers and indeed the BAC555 seems to match the claimed specifications (48V, 70A, bluetooth capable). I have not yet worked up the nerve to open the compartment on the new-to-me Outland-Royal to confirm this. Where I'm headed with my inquiry is that I am dissatisfied with the way the throttle works on this bike and was researching if it was possible to reprogram the controller to achieve what I want. On Bafang controllers it appears to be possible to select between a "Speed" and "Current" throttle mode. I want the throttle to work in a "Current" mode (i.e. throttle activation increases current to the motor without being limited by the PAS speed) - a quick look at the ASI website appears to indicate that one would need to purchase the development kit to make configuration changes. I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has ever attempted this. Interestingly, some other IGO models (the Berri?) seem to be configured for the "Current" mode.
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