Our Pups 'Maiden Voyage' in their Trailers..........


Hello All,
Well, no one got hurt, run off the trail, and don't believe we got 'cussed out' again, but not sure.........so that part is good.
And Nope, I didn't have to 'honk' my Ahooooooga Horn at anyone.........
Our pups 'Leakey' (42 Lbs) that my sweet wife Heidi towed in her cart behind Heidi's bike would 'whine' if she couldn't see 'Toots' (84 Lbs) that I towed behind my bike, and Toots 'whined' if she couldn't see Leakey, so it was a 'Harmony of Whines'.
Big Dog 'Toots' Would Not Sit Her Big Butt Down, leaning from side to side to see Leakey, and Heidi was riding slow to 'get a feel for it' and it was hard for my ole azz to control my bike, pulling a 'wobbling trailer' with a 'hyper dog' in it at 3 MPH.
But, after I explained that to her and she sped up, everything kinda fell into place, Except for the 'Whining', that is.....
We stopped a couple of times for the Pups to 'fetch' their ball out of the Clear, Cool, 'Blue-Green' Guadalupe River (which they Never get tired of).
My battery Finally came off of 100% pulling that Horse, down to 90%.
All in All, everyone had a good time, but this Next Time, we are leaving the Pups here in the Air Conditioned house.
Y'all Ride Safely.......
Pictures Coming (Hopefully)


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Thanks for the report. I think my two smaller dogs are also too hyper to enjoy the bike trailer.
Curious about those things that tether the dogs lead to the bike, but my daughter's dog was too afraid of it to even try it out. Maybe taking a dog to on leash only mutiuse trails isn't going to go very well ... :(
As in hindsight it's expected,,,but it seams like such a great idea...especially for a high energy dog with a good nose.
Over my years, I've found out that an untrained dog is almost as bad as an untrained child.
Fortunately there are things you can do to an untrained dog, that you can't with a child.......