Option for Torque Sensor 750W, 48V, BBS02 motor?

Mike leroy

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The Alation 350/500W as rated #1 affordabe, mid-drive. Any option to upgrade to 750W, 48V BBS02? I noticed a 500W, 48V upgrade for $400.

Volton has two dealers in my region, SF Bay Area, which is important to me. I spoke with Helm of Sun Valley in San Mateo.

I am interested in the torque sensor model for the 750W motor as a mid-drive bike. I assume the built-in controller contains the software to support a torque sensor for smooth gear shifting.

Would Volton allow customers to configure other bike components? I want to upgrade with most of the HPC Trailblazer deluxe.

I would be willing to wait a few months until Volton accumulates enough orders of a certain configuration.

The "Cons" listed in the review are the features I wish to configure. The Cons are probably what most people find objectionable.
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Hi not sure if your aware but the Alation Mid Drive now has an upgrade option to get the BBS02 motor. It's throttled at the controller (18a instead of standard 25a) so that it only has effectively 500w worth of power and torque instead of 750 but it is the bbs02 and there is a good chance it can be modified (although I have no idea how) to unlock its full potential.