On The Go Bike Repair Stand


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Northeast Pennsylvania
For bikers on the move that have receiver hitches on their vehicles, here's an easy, relatively cheap DIY bike repair stand:

I used this Pintle hitch adapter:


I bolted a 36" piece of 2x8 to the adapter (you can use whatever length you want to get the desired height)

I then bolted my Park PRS- 4W to the 2x8. I normally use it in the shop but take it on the road when I travel.


The Park is a nice stand but a bit pricey. Any wall mount stand will work though.

It took about 15 minutes to put together and cost around $50 (minus the Park PRS-4W). It works well on almost any 2" receiver hitch. When not in use, I usually leave it attached to the hitch, pivot the 2x8 parallel to the bumper and remove the PRS-4W.