odometer screwed up


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I could not figure out how to get the trip odometer to work on my 2022 Espin Flow & was to press and hold the - and + as that should enable the trip odometer to work. BUT what happened is the odometer reset from 143 miles to 0 miles. I want to put the miles back. Is there a way to program the miles back on the odometer?? I still cannot figure out how to get the trip odometer to work.It never has worked.

edit >>> found the fix for it>>> So, with the Flow, IF you push the + for a quick second this puts you in the menu where you can activate the trip odometer and reset it. IF you toggle (push the +) you will see even more settings. Either that was NOT well written in the owners manual, or I didn't read it correctly. A big thanks to espin bikes tech team as they explained it to me & now I got it.
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