Nitro E3

Just replaced my 2014 Evo eco lite with a used (12 miles) Eflow nitro E3, what a difference. I have about 40 miles of riding so far and these are what I have noticed the most.

1 sometimes I have to slow down for school zones
2 I get home so early my dinner is not ready
3 I have to brake a lot more
4 I need a higher top gear, tops out at 32
5 Don't know why they put a throttle on it
6 cruises at 25 on the flat
7 don't need pas 3
8 bike doesn't have to rest before climbing 8% grades
9 I don't cross train (walking bike up hills) anymore

This bike fits my riding very well, front suspension just enough and easy to adjust, biggest gripe it didn't come with a city kit that's on my list. The Brooks seat is very hard hope it breaks in soon. PAS 2 is very nice for power and battery conservation. Can't think of anything I need to change other than the city kit.