Nice Side Mirror hacking for RadRover


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So I bought these mirrors a while back -


However I found that they do not fit into the sides of the radrover's handle bar.

I found that with a little bit of "hacking" - the cool mirrors can easily be installed !

Basic steps are to cut off the 'leaf arms' of the mirror, then drill a hole into the rubber-like caps which cover the sides of the handle bar and screw them into them. They perfectly fit and the bolt is a nice snug fit.

Here is a shared album which details what I did and it took me about 10 mins to do all with a dremel.
Curious as to why it didn't fit. Would it just not go into the hole after the cap was removed (too wide)? I was about to order these mirrors myself. Thanks.
the handlebar is too narrow at the ends .. which makes the holes on the side even narrower. I had tried to push in the arms of the mirrors without the adjusting nut and It was not going in. That's why I resorted to the hack.