Newbies building an e-tandem


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My wife and I have been riding a tandem bike for almost a decade. We've recently retired and are now building up an e-tandem. When I say building it up I mean we've selected all the stuff we want on it and are having our builder in Denver, CO (da Vinci Designs) build it.

It was ordered in July 2021 and was supposed to be ready in late 2021, but due to parts shortages from Shimano, we're still waiting. Currently, the main thing we're still waiting on is the battery, a Shimano BT-e8016 630Wh. Other than that we're good to go, but of course the battery is not expected for many months still.

If anyone has any leads on finding this battery, I'd love to hear from you.

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Shimano drive requires a shimano battery with built in computer. While a mid drive may be what you need to climb mountains in Colorado, I bought a used geared hub motor with 26" wheel & battery from taken off a scrapped uber bike for $110 + freight. A controller & a throttle, or a PAS pickup (more work) away you go. I'm riding now. Don't lug a geared hub motor slowly up a 1000' in an hour. That will burn one up. Ride lower hills now, upgrade later. I cross ~80 hills with mine with 80 lb groceries over 30 miles, none longer than 100'.
That reads like a bad scene 'Poe.
Do you want to ride?
Because I've seen a real e-Bike tandem performer in rail trail action, a fast black beauty by Pedego
You Both Maybe riding tomorrow.