New York earthquake

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NYC just had an M4.8 earthquake, and of course they'd blame it on New Jersey. (Well, the USGS did that, but I'm sure everyone in NYC said, "Figures.")

As a Californian, I think they need a Paul Hogan-like geologist to tell 'em what a real earthquake feels like.*

Still can't believe they got Linda Kozlowski to say those last lines.

* Not as far-fetched as you might think. Real field geologists tend to be pretty rugged types.
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Not much to talk about.... 30 seconds of what felt/sounded like a train passing some distance away.

That said I've already purchased Ocean Front property in Nevada
Great clip! Better sell that purchase ASAP.

California's sea cliffs are slowly crumbling, mainly from winter storm wave attack. Pre-existing fault damage just softens up the cliffs for the waves here and there. Otherwise, no "falling" into the ocean for us, no matter how disappointing that may be for some.

The rest of the state west of the San Andreas is just sliding NW toward the Aleutian Trench, with LA due to go under in ~50 million years at current rates. I'd be OK with that if San Diego County weren't so close behind.

True, the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) will expand westward and northward in the process. But short of a major tectonic plate reorganization, any new coastline created will likely still be in California.
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Meaning that you managed to keep the toppings that slid off your hot by-the-slice pizza from landing in your lap.
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As Al Murray says, it's not San Andreas fault.
Typical Americans blaming some poor Mexican.
Nothing unites like a common enemy. Harmony might* improve if more realized that for the western US and Mexico, the common enemy is the Pacific Plate. If that pesky plate (largest on Earth by far) weren't so determined to slide down the Aleutian, Cascadia, and Middle America Trenches, we wouldn't be in this seismic+volcanic mess.

*Of course not. When did rational thinking or good will ever win out over stranger danger?
I have the IMAX DVD Ring of Fire including the last big quake when the freeway collapsed on itself.
It captures the aftermath in a glorious silence from film making long gone.

Starts aroun 6.00, original IMAX 70mm HD and wide lens

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