New SuperDuperDelite!


Thanks to the kind help from the folks on this forum I made the big leap to the Superdelite. Crazy kind of situation, they already had one built at the factory in my specs (Silver, GX/Fox, Rohloff in my size) so order to ride was probably under a month including shipping, my head is still spinning …

First ride was about three hours through a state park and a regional park with a climb of 2500 ft. First ebike so really interesting, quickly forgot it was an ebike and instead was just going farther and doing more than I normally would. The first park is all gnarly narrow dirt MTB trails, I started up one but quickly turned around. The bike is really too heavy and expensive for my taste on those kinds of trails. It certainly could have handled it, but especially with some weight (water bottles and other gear) and the Rohloff it feels more like a Cadillac then a Chevy. So I’ll probably get a dedicated Trek mtb or such for the trails in that park (lots of others with them there).

On road, trails, gravel and the like it’s superb though - onwards to the second park which is fireroads up to 3k feet from 200ft, which it ate up. With the Rohloff I tended to prefer keeping it in lower assistance and lower gears while enjoying the scenery. Well except for the second half which goes vertical. Literally 40-45 degree slopes. So it was Gear 1 and Turbo mode - the bike could handle them, but the skills needed to do it weren’t quite there so towards the end I was using walk assist (which is kind of funny, it starts up too slowly probably for over cautious German engineering, I wish it would just go when I told it to more or less and a bit faster). Anyhow a combination of riding and walking got me most of the way up, but then there’s a last section to the 3k+ peak which I tell you, I’ve had trouble hiking before. I think it’s literally 45 degrees, hard to keep on your feet no less a bike. So leave it for another day and I turned around, about 35 miles all told.

Couple questions, one is it charged to 100% the first night (from 30%), but the second night it charged to 96%. Lithium batteries prefer charging to 70%-80% but what is it doing, calibrating to 100? It normally takes a while for a new battery to settle in.

Second question is how to I raise the cockpit stem? I’ve got Nyon, I loosened the lower bigger bolt and took at the upper bolt, but it won’t budge.

Third question is about navigation. I love the turn by turn, I’m going through unfamiliar parts of my neighborhood and really helpful to have that. But two things - one is it’s not aware of gated off roads/paths, due to them being private or something like a gated fire road. OK fine, it’s a little obsessive about ‘turn around and get back on the track’ but I found if you just connect up with a road on the trip it’ll sort out. But in ‘scenic’ mode it keeps sending me to dead ends and such, but in that case it seems to happily recalculate to the correct route. So I’m wondering, is it just adding these as scenic side detours? Or are they nav mistakes it figures out?
Congratulations with you new bicycle CyclingDan 👍
When I charge my batteries this occasionally happen and I really have no idea why. When it stops charging it says a 100% charge. But in the morning when I turn the bike on again it sometimes appears with only 96% charge. Maybe it uses a little of its capacity to look for updates etc.
There are a few videos on youtube on how to regulate the stem. Here's one:
The Satnav is in my opinion helpful - but not very good at suggesting routes.