New Specialized Como SL

Are you sure? "about" or "almost" is a little bit to rough when looking on weight. I don't know the normal Como personally an I don't found a source yet for the weight of the Como 3. But I found weigth for the higher Como 4 or 5 and these are around 24.5 kg. I guess the Como3 won't weigh less then it's better equipped brothers, so it's weight should be about 3kg more than the Como SL. Not that much but quiet noticeable also far from the same. Also we should look at the components, a geared hub causes always 1-2 lbs more, so a Como 3 with a geared hub would weigh 3.5-4kg more than the Como SL. If one really wants the comfort of a geared hub, if not...

Of course it's also not useful to compare the Como L with vaporware bikes. But even if this Lemond is available, it's not the same as a Como, it's more like a less comfortable Vado SL with carbon frame and thinner tires. Also I'm sure 27lbs is the minimum weight without front basket and without mudguards and rear rack. Please think before believing in miracles, 27 lbs is the weight of an S-Works road Creo. There's now functional fully equipped city ebike with 27lbs in the world for $4800.
Also the rear hub motor in the Lemond is nothing special like the SL drive but cheap standard (for the producer). And it doesn't like mountains/much or longer uphills, depending on the rider. For my wife it would be ok, for me (or you) not.

I don't want to recommend or defend the Como SL, it has it strengths and it's weaknesses. But when comparing with others we should look exactly at the weight and at the components.
And if you prefer the weight and the more sportive look of the Vado SL like we (I...) did, go ahead... ;-)
Courts review of my bike (2020 not 2019) shows 46.5 pounds. But still "under 50 lbs " is close enough for me.