New Moustache Samedi 27 XRoad FS 5


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I picked up my new Moustache Samedi 27 XRoad FS 5 last week.

It's an upgrade from my NCM Milano (which I loved, just wanted something that was a bit more suitable for trails/light mountain biking. We went up to Port Douglas in November and rented full suspension e-mtbs and loved them, so I really wanted to go that route. I also wanted the lights and rear rack, and the Moustache had all that.

I was actually tossing up between the Moustache and a Focus Thron 6.7 eqp (I think that's its name!). The Moustache won for a few reasons:
  • adjustable stem
  • rear rack with MIK (already have a MIK basket)
  • in stock
  • RED!! (let's face it, this was the most important factor, it's a beautiful colour!)
Only three things that are slightly annoying - I upgraded to the Nyon display and it can't charge a phone, not super impressed with the kickstand (easy to replace though), and the motor is definitely louder than the motor on the NCM (not a huge deal as I'm usually listening to music/Peloton classes when I'm riding).

I'm liking playing around with the custom modes, have created lower assistance levels for the first three modes as they were giving too much power. (Wish you didn't have to navigate menus to change from custom to regular modes, maybe that will be fixed in the future though).

Overall though, so far, I'm loving it, even though I've hardly ridden it (pesky work getting in the way of fun and then went away for the weekend).
Congratulations! Many happy rides! Now, you own a SUV e-bike!
I actually could see on Strava you started riding outside, and learned about your Samedi there (as you know).
P.S. "Red is the fasterestest colour" :)
Red is definitely speedy! It's such a nice red I want to paint my Mini (car) the same colour...

Just a quick update on the kickstand, it's fine and its issues were purely user error! I had thought it was adjusted to its longest length, it wasn't, I had to loosen a screw on the bit that pulls out to allow it to pull out far enough to let the bottom part slide out longer.