Help to choose between Turbo tero 4 and 5


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Hello everyone

im new here and new to cycling too so plfease orgive my bad english and all the mistakes or stupid questions i might ask
I sold my car 10 years ago to buy a bicycle and allmost only use it mostly for city travel, going to work or grocery.
Its an old ( 9 years ) very low quality bike "ax ion 5.5 from mbk" but it does the job

Since last year i started to take bike lessons as sport because i had a motorcycle accident few years ago wich broke my knees and anckles and now lot of things hurt, but not bike so i can enjoy it, i learned a bit, and this gave me the will to do more, sadly my actual bike is not good enough to make road trips because the battery is 9 years old and was something like 350mh at start, now i cant make more than 20 miles on flat road with it

And i cant do anything else than city because the wheels are too thin, and the bike is too bouncy, even on city when the pavement is poor its hard to ride, as it is to go on sidewalk with it.

So i went to a few shops to try some bikes and discuss, i liked the moustache xroad 7 but the customer policy here is beeing "we have tons of ppl that want to buy so we wont do any discount or anything if ur not happy with it someone else will get it we dont care" and i dont like the feeling of beeing one of their customer

So i went to the Specialized shop and wow.
First the bikes are WAY better looking than the other i saw, looks sturdy and better quality, i could try a tero but not long enough and i really loved it, i have an appointment to try it longer next week ( the 4.0 EQ )

The people in the shop act way better with customers, 10% discount, making it about same price as moustache (and beeing way better quality on all components and having more battery) and they told me for BF they will do 20-30% but not on every model so i will try to get lucky.

That beeing said im not sure about choosing 4 or 5
The 3 is not good for me, i dont like the fork and the bettery is too small, the average components on the other are really looking better in my eyes too.

So it will be between 4 or 5, they have the 4 in my shop and i found a 5 about 60 miles from my home wich i can buy too even if closer is better.

Do you know for warranty if i can buy the 5 at one shop and have all warranty on the shop next to me ?
Can u help me choose bewteen 4 or 5 ?

What i saw is the main differences are way better brakes, but not sure i need it as i dont plan to make enduro or go really fast
Better fork too, i might like it but i cant test it so is it really a big upgrade for the fork on 5 from 4 ?
Better engine, to be honest i only did normal bike or my old one wich got a poor motor, when i try the 4 i have the feeling to be on a space shuttle, not sure i need even more but as i cant go far or offroad with my actual bike i never tried really hard climbs or anything so in that case it might help yes
The last point is better "i dont know the name in english but all the gear and shift system" and i think the one from the 4 is good enough for me, i might be wrong

Well sorry for beeing that long hope u could read me and understand my bad english

Thanks for your time

There's two schools of thought here. Stay with the standard offering or choose the upgraded model. If you plan on riding a lot and keeping the Tero for a long time then I would go with the upgraded model.

There are six features making the 5.0 different from the 4.0 EQ.
  1. The motor in the 5.0 is very strong. Do you have any serious hills in the area? If yes, go for the 5.0.
  2. The 5.0 has a way better fork (air spring) compared to the one in 4.0 (steel coil). The air-spring fork might be more lightweight, and it is adjustable for your weight, for example
  3. The 5.0 has a little (not a way) better brakes. Do you have any serious hills around?
  4. The 5.0 has a sligthly better drive-train (anything related to shifting). The drive-train in the 5.0 is more expensive to maintain.
  5. The 5.0 has a smaller chainring for better climbing, worse speed. A chainring can be easily replaced with another size.
  6. The 5.0 is unequipped while the 4.0 EQ has everything needed for city rides. Of course the 4.0 EQ will be heavier.
If your area is not dramatically hilly and you will use the Tero in a city a lot, go for the 4.0 EQ. Also, any upgrades you would like to do would cost you far more than just going with the 5.0; just saying. On the other hand, "equipping" the Tero 5.0 for city rides would be expensive and complicated too.

I was not fond of the Tero 3.0 very much: too many compromises. The 4.0 EQ is a really good e-bike I could recommend if you plan to use the e-bike at least 50% of time in the city.
Do you know for warranty if i can buy the 5 at one shop and have all warranty on the shop next to me ?
Specialized warranty is universal. There are two things you will have to do after the purchase:
  • Register your Tero at website (it is mandatory to have the full warranty)
  • Visit your Specialized store after 100-200 km ridden and ask for the obligatory warranty service (you pay for it but it is not expensive). Have the service written and stamped in your warranty book.
After you have completed these two actions, any Specialized store is obliged to take care about your e-bike. However, the store where you have bought the Tero will be more motivated to help you.

What country are you from Nicolas? (If not a secret).
Thanks you 2 for your answers
Im in France and my area is not hilly
I still wanted the 5 just because i was afraid to regret not taking it even if obviously i didnt really need it
In my shop they only had the 4 i could try it and tbh the motor was allready WAY better than what i had and they told me the exact same advice if not really hilly or very climby or technical conditions the 4 is enough
They x
Could order the 5 but offered me 20% on the 4 as it was in stock and added a few accessories on top of it
So i took it they are preparing it for me, i took groundcontrol tires in tubeless for exemple and wednesday i have the appointment for setting it up for me
Btw just wanted to thanks specifically @Stefan Mikes for all his posts and good reviews here
I have read everything he said for a long time and he made me fall in love with spe and the tero im pretty happy with what i saw of it i was about to buy a moustache but the tero feels better in everyway and its not allways easy to get fair opinion not just saying get the 5 its better you took into consideration my use not only your own opinon i know u prefer the 5 ;)
I'm so glad Nicolas you made such a good choice! EQ, is it? If yes, a very good choice as you need the rack and the kickstand for your city rides!
i took groundcontrol tires in tubeless for exemple
A very good decision! There are so many things in Tero I cannot easily do to my Vado SL 4.0 EQ... Like going tubeless.
i know u prefer the 5 ;)
Not necessarily. Yes, my full power 45 km/h Vado is 5.0/6.0 and I have never regretted the motor power, drivetrain or brakes for substantial mountain climbs (vacation rides). However, the Tero is 25 km/h, and you only could make the full power use of the 5.0 in the mountains.

Now, my Speed Vado is in the e-bike hospital, leaving me with the low power Vado SL buy hey ho -- there are no significant hills where I live :D Besides, I bought a Vado SL 4.0 EQ instead of Vado SL 5.0 EQ because I was realistic when determining my own needs.
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I think thats what i did too
I could afford the 5 and like a kid for Xmas i wanted it because its the "best"
But the seller who was a friend of a friend told me of course he could order it and send it to me and makes more money
But he said even for climbing mountains 4 is enough, maybe not as fast but 70nm is still really nice and was the top 2 years ago, in 2 more years maybe we will have 120nm and that wont make the 90 bad or not suffisant, u will just have an easier one
He told me the nm difference was needed for really technical parts, mud, holes, really high %, and as a beginner, 50 years, mostly for work it was lost money
The EQ was more usefull, and tbh with the 20% they where doing for bikes in stock and not for order ones the 4 was 2k€ cheaper thant the 5
I took a few options too after reading here :
- one tailwind, they are expensive but looks good and when i go to work or sport i want something thin and waterproof
- one coolcave with cover and bag : very expensive but 50% for BF i think its pretty cool for grocery or when on trail u can put kinda lot of stuff
- one pump
- gloves
- 2 kryptonite locks, on "U" and one cable to secure the front wheel
- one zee2 bottle and rack as i saw u saying they are good (spe should give u some money for good selling :p )

I downloaded strada and komoot and ordered a quadlock for my phone
Now i think im ready

Btw they didnt tell me about the 100-200km revision for warranty will ask them about it

Oh and whats the key for walk mode i found long push on 1 is lights and on 2 is the mode u can increment by 10% but didnt find the walk mode on the bike
Walk mode = depress the "+" button longer (Read The Fugging Manual!) :D
Warranty: Did you register your Tero on
I'm so happy with your happiness!
Im happy to make you happy :)
Well i confused the + button with the upper one that is for lights my bad
I didnt register it as they are setting it up atm and i will have it back wednesday so i will do everything at this time
So i got it wednesday and i love it
The position on it is still feeling a bit strange for me as un lean a bit and i was used to be very straight but its just a matter of time to get used to this
The bike is great i was hoping a bit more autonomy i do about 100km with a battery in city beeing kinda flat i thought i would go to 120-140 as i use only eco or trail but its still good and i think i can improove on it
The motor is way enough for me eco is good, trail is fun, more is just useless actually for me unless im feeling really lazy
They played with wheel size in the setup so the km i do is not fully accurate on the screen but this way my speed limit is not 25 but 28, i get 10% more but my km accuracy is about 10% less ( well rhen i might be doing 110km with a battery then )

I love this bike , the screen, the app but im not found of the color i would have loved to have more choices or take the red one i had only grey available , its nice but like the red better and some colors from other model looks better to me and as far as the only bad point is the color im pretty happy

Thanks again for all your good advices here