Moustache 2021 Samedi 27 X-Road FS 7 Chain Ring


Hello Fellow Riders,

Im looking at buying and replacing my stock FSA 38T Direct Mount Chainring on my 2021 Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad FS7. I’m really having problems trying to locate one…any ideas who may have this? I want it made from (Steel) for long range durability.

My other idea: Has any body bought a Bosch Spider Direct Mount adapter and then installed a 4 bolt chainring onto this? If so what one works properly for this application.

Thanks for any reply’s.
Hi John

You immediate problem with finding a steel chainring is the very narrow modern chain.
Any moustache dealer should be able to supply a standard replacement alloy [?] chainring.
Which you can replace yourself if labour expense is the issue. It is a very easy job.

If you are wearing out chainrings due to riding very high mileages then buy spares in advance.
The size and weight would be trivial if you need to carry spares for a round the world trip.

If dust is rapidly wearing out your transmission then I would use a non-greasy lubricant.
One which doesn't quickly coat the chain with abrasive dust. Regular wiping the chain with a rag may help.

Sorry I can't help with spiders and adapters.

Thanks FS27,

I meant to say Alloy, but here in Canada I’ve tried many dealers and they all say the same thing…there on back order.