New Blix Aveny owner - loving things so far


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My wife and I are now in the e bike game and loving things so far. Two weeks and about 100 miles so far. She has the Blix Aveny and I have the Magnum Summit.

We were a little concerned about the lack of front suspension and no seat post suspension on the Aveny, but figure those could be easily adjusted if she felt the need. After the 1st 100 miles so far she is comfortable as is. Since we are new, we have the mileage anxiety so I am tracking very closely our rides, mileage and when we charge. She is getting 50 miles per charge with a mix of big hills on our many local paved bike paths.

So far very happy with the quality of the Blix
Now that you have had them a while, how are you liking you new bikes?
Absolutely love them! My wife's Blix is getting 60 miles per charge, pedal assist and certainly not flat terrain. My Magnum is more like 42 miles on full charge (yeah I could lose a few pounds ;) )