New Bike Day!!!

Cuz Vinny

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Actually it was yesterday but I’m just getting around to posting. I wasn’t planning on buying one of these but I’ve been wanting one for a while now. When Vintage updated their bikes to 72V I wanted one even more. So when I entered a drawing for $1000.00 off one and won it pushed me over the edge and I placed an order for one. This is the Scrambler model. I had them add Magura MT5 EStop brakes to the bike as I wasn’t thrilled with the stock Promax 2 Piston setup. I myself added Magura MDRP rotors 203/203mm, Brooks Flyer Saddle, and Michelin Pilot Pump tires 26X2.3 size. Bike has two modes, street (750w) and race (4000w). Top speed is listed as 40 mph on their site but I haven’t validated that myself yet. Two minor things to correct, a front brake cable that’s too long (I’m OCD about cables/wires) and the brake levers are almost straight down. Need to reposition them so it’s more comfortable. Price is comparable to other boutique bike manufacturers like Watt Wagons, Trek and Specialized (6k for my bike). If you haven’t seen a Vintage Electric bike they are amazing. Pics simply don’t do the bike justice. Go check them out at their California showroom and take a test ride.
Very nice retro bike. You need a full front fender on that bad boy.
Who makes the front shocks?
What do the pedals look like?
It's beautiful. Congrats.

My butt hurts just looking at the seat ;) but otherwise it looks awesome.
I've been tempted to get a Brooks Flyer seat myself. Plus they look very classy. That stock seat that came with it looked like a torture device!