Need to re-position function control switchgear on Spec' Turbo Tero x 4, How?


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I have a Spec' Tero X4 that I want to run some aftermarket grips on. I'm experimenting and want to move all the handlebar controls inboard about .375" +/- which effectively narrows the bars a bit.

I can relocate the brake, shift and dropper post levers no problem, but the function control on the left side, (has the +/- and F1 F2 on it), is secured in place in a manner that doesn't take a hex or star tool to loosen it.

There is an opening on the bottom of the switch but it just is a round hole. If you look at the side of the switch it appears there is a threaded screw inside the housing that may be used to secure the assembly but I see no way to access it. I suspect I'm missing something.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
Look closely. If it’s the same switch as on my '22 Levo, the round hole that you refer to should be the clamp release point. A 2mm hex is all that’s required.

Yes it's 2mm, I tried the ball end of the wrench and it fit, then tried the other end again and it fits also, I just didn't have it seated properly. Thanks again for the help/reply!
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