My Old Vado Lives to Roll Another Day

Mr. Max

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I bought a Vado 4 in March, 2020, right when the pandemic lockdown started in the US. Since then, I've ridden the heck out of it and for the most part, the bike has been problem free. It's got about 12,000 miles on it. A couple of weeks ago the motor started acting weird. It was still working, but the bike had less power. It felt like something was dragging inside the motor.

I took my Vado 4 to the LBS where I bought the bike. They took the motor out and saw that the arbor on the left side of the crank had frozen. Anyway, they happened to have a used motor from a low mileage Vado that got scrapped for some reason. They installed the used motor for $100. Seemed like a pretty good deal! Sure it's not new, but it works. They also gave me the old motor.

I can't wait to take my old motor apart and see what actually happened to it.

Other folks on the forum have mentioned

Those folks have many helpful tips to take your motor apart. I especially liked this video.

Keep on pedaling!