My new to me 2021 Tern Vektron D8- Bafang m400 motor

Thanks! I wasn't trying to sound snarky about the Dash and the cut-outs. Yeah, the cost of my not tinkering on some things is that sometimes I end up paying retail. I have been pretty consumed with a home remodel and some travelling and a few other semi-major projects over the past few years. That hasn't left much time for some of the hobbies like bikes or doing more mods to our travel trailer.

When I was a teenager with no money in the 70's, I built franken-bikes from donor parts I got from the kids who were upgrading their Raleighs and Peugeots. It was a blast.

I think you had mentioned a trailer at one point, so I was trying to figure if you were building a hauler, or how the bike would fit in with the various others you have. I haven't followed this forum much, so probably have missed a bunch about your collection.

I haven't really looked into eBike DIY stuff very much. In fact, it's only a few years back that I caught up with some of the many changes that have happened with bikes over the past 30 years or more since I had my last bike.

BTW, the only drawback I can think of with an IGH and belt is missing the smell of chain lube; I think it's even better than new-car smell. So, maybe you got the best of both worlds there. ; )
I do have a trailer that I use to haul an inflatable kayak folded up but I haven’t used it with this bike and not sure if I will or not

It’s a pricier bike now and if one is going to end up in the river it should be something cheaper lol

May use the magnum folder for that or build a really stripped down folder with a bbs02 at some point

Been looking at packrafts this week also..
but I don’t know
am like you and don’t ever have enough time to do all the stuff I want to do! lol
little update on this

have just gotten in a few short rides on this the past month
these are the first rides with the igh and the 350 watt controller

2-3 rides ago noticed i was really eating some battery, but rolled the wheels and saw the rear tire was dragging
took it to the shop and they fixed it, rotor was bent
figured that was most of the problem

today needed to drop a car and take this bike 20 miles back to get the other one

so i was in full time pas 5, hardest gear on the igh, the flat gear
this bike has a 400wh battery
for me i was hauling butt, 18-20 mph on the road
i honestly cannot remember if the battery was really 100% or had a short ride on it before..

but it dropped pretty fast, and when it hits 2 notches in another 2 miles it is flashing empty... even with me backing off the power a good bit
it did have a little bit left, was helping me some even flashing empty...
this is the second time i saw the battery drop off like that- first was with the hanging brake

so wondering about maybe the battery cut off and how it is set, maybe it needs to be changed for the 350 watt controller????

to put this in perspective i was getting 40 plus maybe 50 miles on the 250 watt controller and no igh....

but i was not riding full out like i did today

few notes, maybe igh needs to be broken in some, not even100 miles yet- it definitely has a little drag to it and i know that is just part of it
that being said i will take that trade off, i love it

power is up a little now

will do some slower rides for a better test in a couple of weeks
and i need to charge the battery to full and watch it with the voltmeter for a few days to see if it has a problem

even if this battery under more normal usage gets 25-28 miles to a battery now it is no big deal, it is not one of my long mileage bikes
most rides will be 20 miles on it and much slower