Mult-speed or Single-speed

kent lundgren

New Member
Hello All, if one has to acquire a bike to use with the Copenhagen Wheel, which is preferable, multi- or single-speed? Wouldn't one a want a bike with more pedaling range -- a multi-speed -- so the Wheel could assist at all levels, particularly the hard to pedal ones? Wouldn't one want to shift his multi-speed into the hardest-pedaling gear available in order to optimize the Wheel's assistance while maximizing available speed? Put another way, if technologies could talk to each other, wouldn't the Wheel say to the single-speed, "Sorry buddy, I could have helped you with the harder gears but you don't have any."
For that particular motor it's not going to matter much. You could probably find gearing that would allow you to get by just fine with a single speed, but on other more powerful electric bikes multi pedal speeds are definitely going to be better.
I love my single speed bike. However it would be preferable to have a multiple gear ratios for the Copenhagen.. The battery is only 5.8 AH, so you may want to minimize the pedal assist at time to get a decent range, and an easy gear may be needed to do that, or if the battery is out of charge. Also if you're going up hills an easier gear ratio with this relatively small motor and battery.

I asked the Superpedestrian people about the advertised range, and they told me that only a minimum level of assist could possible achieve 31 miles.