Moving to London- Bike Help!


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Hey Everyone,

I am moving to London for work and need help picking out a bike for commuting to and from work along with general traveling around town. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the details:

Height: 6ft 5inches
Weight: 209lbs
Commute Distance: 34-45 mins
Terrain: relatively flat

I would like to keep it under $1500 or close to this number. I don't have a preference but was thinking an electric bike or an add-on type of kit.

I would appreciate any help you might have for me on this topic.


under $1500

Hi Brett,

Budget a grand for your bike, 50 quid for theft insurance, 50 quid for a helmet, 50 quid for a good lock (ABUS or Kryptonite), and 50 quid to join the London Cycling Campaign :)

Check out this list, then search around and ask for advice on what bike to buy on the UK Pedelecs forum where ebike dealers hang out. Consider buying from an LBS outside London, e.g. Woosh bikes of Southend, Essex, and Brighton E-bikes, build kit-adapted bicycles for under a grand. Consider a folding bike to carry on a train or bus.

Buy an anti-pollution respirator, trucks, buses, and half the cars, have diesel engines and the soot is choking.

Maybe you can use one of the Cycle Superhighways on your route to work, maps on the TFL website, and download the GPX files from here.

Get out of London! For ideas for rides listen to back-episodes of the excellent Bike Show podcast from Wales-based journalist Jack Thurston.
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Use a Boris bike. No need to worry about where you leave it or it getting stolen. My son is currently at Westminster University. He is a very keen cyclist but never cycles in London. He foes use a folding scooter quite a bit though!