Moustache Production Problems??


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What is going on with Moustache?? I paid for the Moustache Samedi 27x2 Tandem back in February. I was told after a month that Moustache had an issue with Bosch motors. After another month,the dealer tells me that Moustache wasn't responsive about what is going on. Now,I have to resort to a forum like this to try to get some information cause there is no visibility on the issue or Time-frame for resolution.
that sucks. We wanted one but since we were new to tandems and did not have that much money we could not get one. but bike components are kinda scarce. who did you buy it from?
Your dealer should be able to give you an update. Who is that? My Moustache dealer was great and got plenty of updates from them. Dandelion Seattle.
The corona crisis goes on. In germany we are waiting for Moustachebikes (and others) up to 9 month.